"How to Make It, Spend It,
and Invest It!"

Money Radio 1200

Life As You Own It

Hosts: Mark McDougald & Craig Miller

Mark McDougald and his partner, Craig Miller, co-host an hour of interactive radio each week with the sole mission of educating and empowering all listeners about how to secure the very best home mortgage for their personal financial situation and how to use that home mortgage as the cornerstone of their personal financial plan.

From the first time you listen to Life as You Own it, you will hear Mark and Craig’s passion for the truth as they call out those who are taking advantage of people, be it remodeling scams, unscrupulous lenders, or “too good to be true” schemes. Their goal is to arm every potential home owner with the necessary facts and information to make the smartest decisions, from how to get the right home mortgage loan to how to save for their kids’ college education.

Besides great local guests, listeners have become accustomed to hearing from well-known stars such as Mike Holmes from “Holmes on Homes,” the Kleiers from Selling New York, Rick Sharga from RealtyTrac, and Dr. Stan Humphries from Zillow.